About us

Bianco Jeans was founded in 1999, by Guy Levy and Yossi Avrani two partners who recognized the need of jeans/denim for women in Israel.

The company is a wholesaler which resells its products to 350 sale points throughout the country.

The brand specializes in designing and manufacturing women's lycra jeans

The company's target audience are women in the ages of 20-50 looking for comfort and fashionable design with reasonable prices.

Bianco's jeans are the product of an exclusive development of the company, who invests lots of resources in developing the brand to stand in the international standards of high quality and unique denim. Production process is accompanied by a profound understanding of the product, target audience and human factors, which allows the creation of flattering cuts and comfort with an emphasis on the latest fashion.

The brand differentiation is the fabric used to make the jeans, a wide range of high quality lycra fabric which undergo special washing and softening, allowing the creation of accurate and cutting patterns flattering a woman's bodywhile maintaining maximum comfort.

Bianco views expressed designs of wealth that make up the design items such as jeans: Hifurim colors, buttons, studs, unique washes color linings, and other variables in each season according to fashion trends.

In 2007, following the success in the Israeli market, the company expanded its international operations out of a desire to leverage its success outside of Israel. In this framework the company established a factory in China and opened a Showroom in the world fashion center - Manhattan, USA. Parallel markets its products in other countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and more.